Uploading files to ALL

How to upload and place your existing artworks in the ALL iOS app.

This guide covers the process of uploading and placing an artwork file to ALL app.

Before you begin, make sure you've converted your file to the USDZ filetype.

Currently, the ALL iOS app only supports uploads from Apple's USDZ filetype. For help creating a USDZ file, visit these guides and tools:
  • OR: Get help on the ALL Discord - we're happy to help!

1. Tap "Create"

2. Slide the creation tools to "Object"

3. Tap the screen to begin placing.

4. Tap "Add"

5. Navigate to your .usdz file in the Files modal and tap on it.

Note: We've noticed that some cloud storage options (like Google Drive) do not recognize the .usdz filetype. For best results, store your files locally on the device or on in an iCloud folder.

6. Done!

Once your file has finished uploading, it will appear in your collection and you can place it in your scene. If you make any changes to the original file on your computer, you will need to re-upload it to ALL.