How to optimize high poly models.

Digital sculptures and other dense meshes can be easily integrated into the All World Platform, provided the following steps are taken to optimize geometry.
Step 1: Decimate
Using the "Decimation Master" plugin in ZBrush, the polygon count of your models can be significantly reduced while respecting the silhouette of the model allowing you to export it to other 3D software packages without performance issues.
Under "Zplugin", select "Decimation Master"
Step 2: Apply UV maps
If your model has existing UV maps, make sure to select "Keep UVs" this way you can apply any existing textures your model may have.
Use one of the presets to determine the new number of points on the model or use the custom slider. You will generally want to keep things under 35k polygons.
Step 3: Export
Your model can now be exported for further use as an obj or fbx make sure not to save over your original high poly model as you will need it to bake on details.

Using version 4R5 and below:

If your are using ZBrush 4R5 or lower, the plugin necessary for this process can be downloaded here.